Instagram story viewer for easy and anonymous


“The bird won’t know that you are watching!” Now you can watch Instagram stories anonymously and from afar.

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How to use the Instagram story viewer anonymous tool

Look into someone else`s life: watch the story on Instagram anonymously

Use the Story viewer Instagram tool in 3 steps

  • Enter the username of the Instagram user of interest.

    For example type @kimkardashian or @jbalvin for anonymous browsing of Instagram stories.

  • Click the "View Stories anonymously" button.

    Wait a few seconds to let the private Instagram story viewer find all the content you need.

  • Done! Now you can watch Instagram stories.

    Watch anonymously no one will know what you are watching.

Advantages of Storieswatching Instagram Story viewer tool

  • No IG account needed

    With Storieswatching, you can watch other users without being noticed. It`s easy to watch stories on Instagram without logging in.

  • Watch Instagram stories for free

    Storieswatching is an Instagram story viewer that works free for all users.

  • You can download Stories

    You will be able to download the Instagram story to your device (PC, smartphone, tablet).

  • Use Stories watching everywhere

    This Instagram story viewer is Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and all browsers compatible.

  • Observe anonymously

    No one will ever know that you`ve watched someone`s Instagram story.

💡Our Instagram stories viewer is often confused with StoriesDown, StoriesIG, and Greatfon. Anonstoriesviewer, but we are different. We just allow making StoriesWatching to users easy and free!

Why do users watch the Instagram stories anonymously

Among the most significant reasons, our users tell us these main things:

  1. You can watch stories without being noticed

    A wide range of opportunities for obtaining valuable information opens up while viewing Instagram Stories anonymously. You can understand the current situation and use it in the future for the development of your account.

  2. Not to face difficulties related to conflicts

    Using Instagram Story anonymous viewer you will be more informed, but no one will know about the sources of your information.

  3. Watch Instagram stories in incognito mode from any device

    If you are used to using a personal computer, the Stories watching can be used directly in the browser. If you use a smartphone – by the way, most of these users – the service works great on gadgets.

Instagram viewer Story FAQ

Can I view Instagram stories in my Private profile?
No, the birds that deliberately hid their nests from other people`s eyes cannot be seen!
To view an Instagram story, it must be Public and available.
How to watch Instagram stories for free?
You can use Stories watching for free and endless monitoring of any user on Instagram.
How to view a user`s story on Instagram?
Just enter the exact name of his or her Instagram account in our Instagram story viewer and see all available Stories.
Can I use the Stories of other Instagram users?
They are intended for reference only! Do not use other people`s photos and videos. All rights belong to their owners.